Bitter lithium is an emerging musician/composer/producer based in Barcelona.

He began in the music scene at 2009, forming a trip hop/electronic music band which debuted in the stage. After five years, he decided to continue with his solo project mixing diferent styles like electronic, folk, trip hop, grunge or dream pop.

Since the begining, Bitter Lithium rely on with the musicians Marc Antoli (production, voice) and Nuria Serra (voice)

Past colaborations:

Tim Asato – Photo / Image

Ishar – Voice in song “Evidence”

Gregomond – Voice in song “They look down on me”

Carlos Duarte – Lyrics of songs “Became a form” and “Strange geometry”

Rosella Morales – Voice in songs “Deliverance” and “You belong to us”

The Replicant – Co-production in songs “Electric words to bionic people” ”Dust explosions in a mouse hole”  “Twisted sand figures”  “Unnatural sense of dignity”